NoteServ has two main functions: it lets you send messages to offline irc users (which they will get the next time they sign on to irc, see SEND) and can inform you about people signing on/off, or changing nick name (see NOTIFY).

To use NoteServ please type (don't forget the colon!):
/quote squery noteserv :<NoteServ command> <Args>
Below you can find a command list with full description.

NoteServ is located in Berlin ( and is only accessable from IRCNet servers. How fast you get a response mainly depends on how far away from the service you are and - of course - the network condition.

NoteServ runs as an IRC service and works only with the latest irc2.9.x (and of course newer ones) servers. The source code is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

You are encouraged to let me know about problems occured, criticisms, or suggestions. Please send them to:

Berlin, 19. May 2003, Kai 'Oswald' Seidler


ircII users may use note.irc to define a shortcut for the above /quote command.
Peter Nuding wrote a PopUp extension for mIRC clients:
Jonas Pasche wrote a small script for the X-Chat IRC client.


Slovak NoteServ messages by Matus "fantomas" Uhlar [15.5.1998]
Buffer overflow bug found by Walter Campbell [14.8.2001]
Big security hole detected by Grega "fiction" Pogacnik [28.10.2001]
Slovene NoteServ messages by Grega "fiction" Pogacnik [5.11.2001]
Many small and some serious fixes by W. "Sarisa" Campbell [8.1.2002]
Danish NoteServ messages by Søren "Xride" Straarup [8.1.2002]
Polish NoteServ messages by Lukasz "Lukaszb" Biegaj [17.1.2002]
Another bug fix by W. "Sarsia" Campbell [20.2.2002]
Hungarian NoteServ messages my Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas [9.1.2003]


Usage: SEND [+|-<lifetime>] <nick!user@host> <msg>

This command is for sending a message to an offline recipient, and lets NoteServ send you a receipt if the message was delivered. See NOTIFY for details about <lifetime>. All calendar times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Example: SEND +30 *!darmok@*.tanagra.tng Shaka, when the walls fell



Usage: NOTIFY [+|-<lifetime>] <nick!user@host> [<msg>]

Lets NoteServ tell you if any matching recipient signs on/off IRC or changes their nickname. The lifetime of a NOTIFY query can be specified in hours with a '-' character first, or days with a '+' character (eg. -5 hours, or +10 days.) Default lifetime is 7 days. A value of zero means eternal. NOTIFY with no argument would tell you what users you have notify on who are currently on IRC.

Example: NOTIFY +10 *!darmok@*.tanagra.tng



Usage: FIND <pattern>

Finds users matching <pattern>. Comparable to the native /WHO IRC command.

Example: FIND *!picard@*.tanagra.tng



Usage: LS

Displays all requests you have queued.



Usage: RM [<number>|<letter>|<pattern>]

Deletes the entry specified by <number> or <letter> . With <pattern> RM will delete the first matching request.



Usage: LANG [<language>]

Tell NoteServ to use the specified language for outputs. At the moment: en (English), de (German), sk (Slovak), nl (Dutch), si (Slovene), dk (Danish) and pl (Polish) are supported. The german and danish versions supporting an ISO-8859 (Latin1) version also: dk-lat1 and de-lat1.



Usage: LOGIN <username> <password>

Gives you access to a private area: any NOTIFYs or SENDs submitted to this area are saved under the given username. This is useful if you use different accounts and/or different hosts and want access to the same NOTIFYs. If <username> is as yet unused, a user with given password will be created.

Do a LOGIN before you query any NOTIFYs or SENDs.




Set your NoteServ status to unsubscribed. You may neet this command if you're using public chat terminals and don't want your successor geting access to your login area.



Usage: PASSWD <old password> <new password>

PASSWD will change your password.




Shows your status and authentication method.



NoteServ knows two ways of authentication. Basic authentication works by matching your nickname, username and hostname (all casesensitive). If you change your nickname you won't be the same person for NoteServ.

Username/password authentication works by sending an username/password pair to NoteServ (see LOGIN). In this case NoteServ will follow you even if you change your nickname (see STATUS). The username is not casesensitive.



Some notes regarding the privacy of NoteServ users and people watched with the help of NoteServ:

  • NoteServ respects the invisible user mode.
    Both, the NOTIFY and the SEND command doesn't work on people who are invisible. After signon every user has 20 seconds time to get invisible before NoteServ will report the signon. New since 0.6: NOTIFY patterns with an exact matching nickname will also report invisible users because this is the normal /WHOIS and /NOTIFY behavior.
  • Channel joins and leaves are not reported.
    Unlike the original Note-2.7 implementation it's not possible to be notified on other people's joins/leaves.
  • IRC ops are equal.
    IRC ops don't have special privileged access to NoteServ.



Copyright 1997-2023 Kai 'Oswald' Seidler, Font used in logo and headings: "Mandingo" by Font-a-licious Fonts; "tune in, turn on, drop out" Timothy Leary.