ircII help: mode

Usage: MODE *|<channel> [+|-]<modechars> [<parameters>]
       MODE *|<channel> [+|-]b [<nick>[!<user>[@<host>]]]
       MODE <nick> [+|-]<umodechars>

  Mode command is quite complicated and it allows channel
  operators to change channel mode, or any user to change
  their personal mode. For a channel mode, <modechars> is one of 
  the following:
    i           - channel is invite only
    k <key>     - Adds join key <key> to the channel.  Keys can added or
		  removed (MODE <channel> -k <key>), but not changed.
    l <number>  - channel is limited, where <number> is the
                  maximum number of users allowed
    m           - channel is moderated (only channel operators talk)
    n           - No MSGs to the channel are allowed
		  from someone outside the channel.
    o <nick>    - Makes <nick> a channel operator
    p           - channel is private
    s           - channel is secret
                  Note: On 2.8 servers you cannot set both +p and +s modes
    t           - topic limits, only the channel operators may change it
    v <nick>    - Gives someone a voice to talk on a moderated channel. 

  A + or - sign determines whether the specified mode should be
  added or deleted.
  If you supply * as channel name, modes will apply to your current channel.

  The second form of the MODE command allows you to ban
  somebody from a channel. This is done by specifying
  a sting of the form nick!user@host. For example:
    MODE #MyChannel +b *!*@gus.*
  bans everybody from the channel who is on IRC from any
  machine whose name is gus.
    MODE #MyChannel +b netw1z
  bans anybody using the nickname netw1z.
    MODE #MyChannel +b *!merklin@*
  bans anybody whose user name is merklin.
    MODE #MyChannel +b jerk!
  bans the user from the channel whenever he
  is using the nickname "jerk".

  If you are channel operator, you can list the bans in effect on a channel:
    MODE #MyCHannel b

  The third form of the MODE command allows you to modify your
  personal parameters. You can precede any combination of the
  following with + or - (+to switch that mode on, - to switch it off).

    o        - IRC operator status. You may not turn this on
               with mode. To assert operator status, you must use OPER
    w        - Receive WALLOPS (messages directed at all operators.
               see WALLOPS.
    s        - Receive server notices. This includes KILL notices
               and notices about what is happening with links
               to the local server.
    i        - Render yourself invisible. This prevents you from
               being seen in WHO and WHOIS information, unless
               somebody specifies your exact nickname with WHOIS.

  Attempting to avoid a ban placed on you  may result in
  forcible removal from IRC or being banned from your server.


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