ircII help: load mudlike

Usage: LOAD mudlike
  ircII interface for people who like the way one communicates on MUDs.
  It makes ircII act almost the same way:

  Removes the / before commands, everything you type is supposed to be
  a command. To speak to a channel use 'SAY <text>', to speak to a person
  use 'TELL <person> <text>' or use 'QUERY <person>' and 'SEND <text>'.

  When you 'LOAD action' you get the 'smile', 'grin' etc. commands which
  ALSO transmit over a query! So be careful if you are in a query or not.
  The ' symbol itself is a quickie for the 'send' command which either
  sends to the query or the channel, therefore behaving as in MUDs.

  If you type one space before text, that is space as a command like this:
  ' <text>', it always goes to the channel.
  Much of the irc output is modified in a way that it looks more familiar
  to MUDders.

  'emote' is defined as 'me'.

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