ircII help: ircII environment_vars

The following environment variables are recognized by IRCII.

IRCNICK   -  Specifies your default irc nickname
IRCNAME   -  Specifies any lunacy you want instead of your real name
IRCSERVER -  Specifies a default server list for IRCII
IRCPATH   -  Specifies a list of directories IRCII should search when
             the LOAD command is used to find IRCII scripts.
	     (also see SET LOAD_PATH)
IRCRC     -  Specifies a file to use instead of your $HOME/.ircrc.
TERM      -  Specifies your terminal type
HOME      -  Tells IRCII where your home directory is

IrcII can find other environment variables through alias substitution.
e.g. $HOST will show the HOST envariable, $PATH the PATH envariable.

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