ircII help: on timer

Usage: ON [#|+|-|^|&|@]TIMER [-|^]<time> [action]
  This is activated whenever the real-time clock is equal to the
  time specification you gave it.  The time specifications should
  be one of two forms:
	HH:MM[AM|PM]	where 1<=HH<=12 and 0<=MM<=59
	HH:MM		where 0<=HH<=23 and 0<=MM<=59
  which form you use depends on the current setting of
  CLOCK_24HOUR.  Time specification may include wildcards as
  well.  The matching of the real-time clock and the time
  specification is a pure textual match.  Of course, wildcards
  may be used in the time specification.
  The parameters for the action are as follows:
    $0    The time (format depends on CLOCK_24HOUR variable)

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