ircII help: on ctcp_reply

Usage: ON [#|+|-|^|&|@]CTCP_REPLY [-|^]<parameters> [action]
  This event is activated when you receive a reply from a CTCP
  request that you made (with the CTCP command).  For example,
  if you did:
    CTCP BigCheese VERSION
  you would receive a:
    *** CTCP REPLY VERSION from BigCheese: IRCII 2.1beta2 Unix
  from BigCheese.  However, if you had:
    ON ^CTCP_REPLY "* VERSION" /echo $0 is using $2-
  and did the CTCP show above, you would get something like:
    BigCheese is using IRCII 2.1beta2 Unix
  The parameters are:
	$0	nick of person who sent the reply
	$1	The CTCP command being replied to
	$2-	The reply itself (depends on $1)
  Note: You may NOT use the CTCP command in an ON CTCP_REPLY.  
  It simply will report an error message to you and not work.  
  It is illegal to do this and it is not supported.

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