ircII help: stats

Usage: STATS [c|h|k|i|l|m|u|y] [<server>]
  Shows some irc server usage statistics.
  c - Shows C and N lines for a given server.  These are 
      the names of the servers that are allowed to connect.
  h - Shows H and L lines for a given server (Hubs and Leaves).
  k - Show K lines for a server.  This shows who is not 
      allowed to connect and possibly at what time they are
      not allowed to connect.
  i - Shows I lines. This is who CAN connect to a server.
  l - Shows information about amount of information passed
      to servers and users.
  m - Shows a count for the number of times the various 
      commands have been used since the server was booted.
  o - Shows the list of authorized operators on the server.
  u - Shows the uptime for a server
  y - Shows Y lines, which lists the various connection 
      classes for a given server.


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