ircII help: notify

Usage: NOTIFY [[-]<nickname> [[-]<nickname> ...]]
  Use of this command lets you mark certain nicknames such that
  you will be warned when they signon or off of IRC.  When
  someone on your notify-list signs on, you will see a message
    *** Signon by <nickname> detected
  Likewise, when they signoff, you will see
    *** Signoff by <nickname> detected
  Someone will be shown as signed off if they change nicknames as well,
  so keep this in mind.

  You can modify how the signon and signoff messages are
  displayed using the ON NOTIFY_SIGNON and ON NOTIFY_SIGNOFF

  Specifying a - before a nickname will remove notification
  checking for that nickname.  If no parameters are specified,
  the current status of each user on your notify list is
  displayed.  If you specify a + without any additional
    NOTIFY +
  you will be shown a list of only those people on your
  notification list who are currently on irc.  If you specify
  a - with no additional parameters, all nicks will be removed.


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