ircII help: menus

This describes a feature which allows one to create and use
menus in any irc session.  The menus are totally user
configurable and a test menu has been provided at the end
of this help file.
To use this menu, copy it to your home directory calling it
'test', run IRC, and do the following:
  MLOAD test
  SET menu Main Menu

Control-R is bound to ENTER_MENU, and while in the menu
you can use vi-like keys or EMACS-like keys to move
through the options, and either '.' or SPACE to select
an option. The format of the menu file is as follows

A line beginning with a '#' represents a comment.
Blank lines are ignored.
A line beginning with the word "MENU" starts a new menu
and gives it a name.
A line beginning with the word "OPTION" adds a new option
to the menu, gives it a name and describes what it does.
It's possible to have one menu OPTION lead you into a new menu with
  OPTION "Sub Menu" COMMAND set menu Sub Menu
assuming the Sub Menu has been defined like the following Main Menu.

The following is a test menu to show how it it can be used.

# Cut off this line.. and take everything down to the next Cut line ---
# Test menu to see how our menu reader works

MENU Main Menu
	OPTION "This menu" MENU Main Menu
	OPTION "Join Channel" COMMAND JOIN $"Join Channel: "
	OPTION "Leave Channel" COMMAND PART *
	OPTION "Change Name" COMMAND NICK $"New NickName: "
	OPTION "Private Message" COMMAND MSG $"Person to send message to: " $"Text of message: "
	OPTION "Say something" COMMAND SAY $"Say: "
	OPTION "Exit Menu" EXIT
	OPTION "Exit IRC" COMMAND if ( [$"Really quit? "] == [y] ) { QUIT }
	OPTION "Kill Menu" COMMAND set -menu

# Cut off this line and take everything up to the previous Cut line ----

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