ircII help: load tabkey

Usage: LOAD tabkey
  Here is the very widely used and useful script, tabkey, also known
  as "the tabscript" or various other names.   When you send a message
  to someone or receive a message it stores their name in a list.

  You can pull up that person's name to send a message to them by 
  pressing the TAB key, once or several time.  It's harder to explain
  than to demonstrate.  /load the script, send a couple MSGs and 
  then hit TAB a few times.  You'll get the idea.  Many people can't
  live without this baby.

Additionnal commands available:
  TAB        move forward through list.
  ^R         move backwards through list.
  ^X-^X      delete current name from the list
  nicklist   show names currently on list.
  addnick    add a nickname to the list manually

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