ircII help: load repeat

Usage: LOAD repeat
  This is a sample of using the WHILE command in an alias.  Once
  loaded, here is it's usage:

Additionnal commands available:
  REPEAT <count> <cmd>
  This will perform <cmd> for the number of times specified by
  <count>. For example:
    REPEAT 5 /msg bigcheese Hello!
  This will send the message "Hello!" to bigcheese 5 times.  
  The above example can get annoying, so try to not to use
  this to really bother people.

Note: repeat is an excellent example of how to use the WHILE
  construct.   Included in this script is the RECREPEAT command
  which works just like REPEAT but does so using recursion.
  Both are good simple examples.

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