ircII help: load netsplit

Usage: LOAD netsplit
  In it's current incarnation this is undoubtably the most complex
  ircII script ever written.  What it does is reduce a whole series
  of Signoffs due to a 'netsplit' (two servers breaking somewhere) 
  to a single line
    *** Netsplit (server1 server2)
  Not only that but it will also reduce ALL of those people coming 
  back to a single line as well.. 
    *** Netjoined (server1 server2) 
  All other Signoffs and joins are handled normally.   It currently
  handles multiple splits, and multiple channels.

Additionnal commands available:
    shows who is gone and from what channels, and what servers broke.
    cleans out all the old garbage. This is done automagically every minute.

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