ircII help: load nemesis

Usage: LOAD nemesis

Additionnal commands available:
    Opens a window and connects to the Nemesis MUD in Munich, Germany.
    It will automatically close the window when the connection closes.
    This shows how to use ircII as a MUD client.
    Shows the 'who' list of Nemesis. A service provided by the Nemesis
    IRC service robot which other MUDs do not have. The robot is actually
    a small LPC program running within the Nemesis system driver.
  NTELL <nemesian> <message>
    Will send a message onto the screen of a person in Nemesis, (a
    Nemesian).  The person is capable of answering to you, if (s)he
    knows how (See 'help ircgate' within Nemesis).

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