ircII help: load msg

Usage: LOAD msg
  Contains some handy key bindings:
  A variable LAST_WHOIS will always contain the person you last /whois'd.
  A variable LAST_NOTIFY will contain the person that was last detected to
  sign onto irc.

  By typing META2 with ? you will be prompted 'MSG <last_whois> '
  With META2 and ! you'll get 'MSG <last_notify> '

  Additionally you also have META2-, which expands to
    MSG <last person that sent you a msg> 
  and META2-. to
    MSG <last person you sent a msg to> 
  analogue to the standard IRC shortcuts ('MSG .' and 'MSG ,').

  META2 is defined by /bind, by default it is ^x.

See Also:
  LOAD commander

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