ircII help: load lynx_ircrc

You could make up a nice .ircrc to start with, simply by writing these 3
lines into it:
  load basicall
  load commander
  load events
  load alias

Read the helps to learn about what you get by using these scripts.
They are designed to bring much of ircII's power to the user's
disposition which is otherwise hard to get, because you'd have to learn
ircII's complex and unfriendly programming language.

### Editor's note:  The above paragraph may not reflect the views of the
   other client coders or the views of those that program in the ircII
   script language. 

About the key definitions in 'commander', you get much faster in discussion
if you get acquainted to their use, especially the fast QUERY bindings
which can help you switch between multiple conversations quickly.

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