ircII help: load ircprimer

  This script provided (Nap) as an
  example for the "IRCprimer" IRC guide available in PostScript,
  plain text or .tex (LaTeX source code).

  This is a simple script from the IRCprimer, which tries to implement
  various things such as shortening all useful commands to a single
  letter, speeding up scroll speed two times and displaying useful
  information whenever needed.

Release sites:
  Official release sites for version 1.1 are:
    | ftp site             | directory                      |
    | | /pub/doc/english/beginner/irc/ |
    |         | /pub/unix/irc/docs/            |
    |            | /irc/support/                  |
    |    | /pub/irc/docs/                 |

  files available are:  (postscript version)
                       IRCprimer1.1.tex.Z (LaTeX source code)
                       IRCprimer1.1.txt   (plain text version)

  Here's how to get the latest IRCprimer postscript version for example:
    ~ > ftp
    ftp> verbose off
    Verbose mode off.
    ftp> open
    Name ( ftp
    ftp> cd irc/support
    ftp> bin
    ftp> get
    ftp> quit
    ~ > uncompress
    ~ >

Contents:        IRCprimer edition 1.1: Table Of Contents

  1. Getting started
        1.1    Clients and Servers
        1.2    How to Behave on IRC
        1.3    Privacy on IRC
        1.4    First Steps
        1.5    Screen and Keyboard activity

  2. Let's go!
        2.1    General Commands
        2.2    Communication and Private Conversations
        2.3    Channels and Public Conversations
        2.4    Channel and User Modes
        2.5    Client to Client Protocol
        2.6    Network Related Commands
        2.7    Quick Reference Panel
        2.8    Further into ircII Wizardry
        2.9    Sample .ircrc
        2.10   Writing Automatons

  3. Frequently Asked Questions
        3.1    How do I set up an IRC client?
        3.2    Which server do I connect to?
        3.3    What are good channels to try while using IRC?
        3.4    How do I get nifty effects with ircII?
        3.5    What if someone tells me to type something cryptic?
        3.6    I get strange characters on my screen, what are they?
        3.7    What about NickServ?
        3.8    I'm being flooded and harassed by a jerk. Help!
        3.9    How do I get rid of a ghosted IRC session?
        3.10   About KILL usage.
        3.11   Where can I find more?

  4. Administrativia
        4.1    Revision history
        4.2    Release sites for the IRCprimer
        4.3    Copyright
        4.4    Credits

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