ircII help: load fnet

Usage: LOAD fnet
  IRC ForumNet Compatibility System

Additionnal commands available:
  Group commands
    group	name	Change to group +name
    status    [s|p|h|u] Change group status
    boot	nick	Expel nick from group
    invite	nick	Invite nick to the group
    pass	nick	Make nick a group moderator
    nm		nick	Remove moderation from nick
    w			List groups and users
    topic	topic	Change the topic of the group

  Message commands
    m		nick	Send a message to nick
    beep	nick	Send a beep to nick
    hclear		Clear /m history

  General commands
    commands		Show this command list
    display 	n	Redisplay the last n messages
    nick	newnick	Change your nickname to newnick
    motd		Read the current message of the day
    q			Quit IRC
    fset	var	Set or display an IRC variable.

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