ircII help: load english

Usage: LOAD english
  For those who didn't like that ircII has special features for germans
  only, here is just about the same silly thingie in english language.
  This might however become obsolete if ME & co. become a standard.

  If you load this script you get the following strings typed into your
  ircII line as you type META2, that is usually ^w (CTRL-W), plus one
  of the letters listed here:
	a	*applaud*
	A	*gasp*
	b	*blush*
	B	*bow*
	c	*cry*
	C	*cough*
	f	*frown*
	g	*grin*
	G	*giggle*
	h	*hug*
	k	*kiss*
	l	*laugh*
	r	*purr*
	s	*sigh*
	S	*shrug*
	y	*yawn*

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