ircII help: load commander

Usage: LOAD commander
  This file contains a big set of key bindings, one command for
  almost every key you have on your keyboard, prefixed by ESC.
  Here's the definition of the keys after pressing ESC:
    A	Prompts you for an away message, ENTER will un-away you.
    C	Shows you the /NAMES entry of your current channel.
    D	Shows the Who-list of people of your country. ( = /countrywho )
    E	Prompts you for the launch of an external command with /EXEC.
    F	Follows an invitation to a channel.
    G	"Greet" - Enter a query with the last person whose signon has been
		detected by /notify.
    H	"Here" - Shows Who-list of users from your site. ( = /localwho )
    I	Invite the user who last sent you a message to the current channel.
    J	Shows the WHOIS of the person who last joined your channel.
    L	List of channels with at least 3 persons on unless with topic.
    M	"More" - Enter a query with the person you last sent a msg to.
    N	Names list of public channels having at least 2 persons on.
    O	Who-list of operators online.
    P	Make your channel private.
    Q	Quit querying.
    R	"Reply" - Enter a query with the person who last sent you a msg.
    S	Prompts you for a new server, ENTER gives a list of stored ones.
    T	Prompts you for a topic for the current channel.
    U	Tells you how many users and servers are on IRC. ( = /lusers )
    W	Gives you the Who-list of the people on your channel.
    X	"eXamine" - WHOIS of the person who last sent you a message.
    Y	Toggles the SCROLL mode.
    Z	Toggles the HOLD_MODE.
    ,	Flushes the server output.
   TAB	Clears the window.

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