ircII help: load basical

Usage: LOAD basical
  Basical aliases are defined here, so to make ircII behave according
  to the old ircI standards. This script should always be loaded from
  the global ircrc, you should already have these things defined.

Additionnal commands available:
  CHOP <nick>	   Make a person channel-op of your current channel.
  K <nick>         Kick person from current channel.
  MO <modechange>  Make a mode change on the current channel.
  UMODE <mode>     Make a mode change upon yourself (user mode).
  UNCHOP <nick>    Remove channel-operator status from person.
  WDETECTED        Whois of the last person detected by /notify.

  These were kept for compatibility:
  DMSG             Send a message through a DCC CHAT link.
  DQUERY           Enter query with a person on a DCC CHAT link.

  ^r is bound to type the 'reverse' character.
  Also some output representations are fixed.

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