ircII help: load autoop

Usage: LOAD autoop
  There have been all too many complaints over the years the the current
  automatic chanop alias and such act too fast, and thus you get this
  slew of garbage as 10 people all op the same person the instant they
  join the channel.  This script tries to alleviate this problem in the
  following manner.  When someone on your autoop list joins a channel
  on your channel list, the client will wait 10 seconds + a random
  time and then CHECK to see if that person is opped yet, and if not,
  op them.  This allows people to do it by hand in the meantime, but
  it should cut the number of repetitive MODE commands by about 90%.

  The other big feature of this script is the user-friendly interface.
  Try it, use it, and remember BE PATIENT.  It will work, it just isn't
  instant.  It's designed to work the way it does for a reason.

Additionnal commands available:
  showop	Show list of people on autoop list.
  showchan	Show list of channels for which you will op people
  addop		Add a nick!user@host to the autoop list. wildcards are allowed
  addchan	Add a #channel to the channel list. wildcards are allowed
  delop		Delete an item from the op list by number.  Use showop first.
  delchan	Delete a channel from the channel list. Use showchan first.

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