ircII help: lastlog

Usage: LASTLOG [<flag>] [[<pattern>]|[<number of entries> [<from entry>]]]
  Displays the contents of the lastlog.  This is a list of the
  most recent messages that have appeared on the screen.  LASTLOG
  is useful to redisplay the screen if you inadvertantly do a
  CLEAR or miss messages for other reasons.

  If no arguments are given, the entire lastlog is displayed. If the
  first argument is a number, it determines how many log entries to show.
  Otherwise it is searched for in every lastlog entry. The second
  argument determines how many lines back to start display from. Thus
    LASTLOG 4 8
  Shows 4 lines of the lastlog, starting at line 8...  lines 8,
  9, 10, 11 are displayed.  Furthermore:
    LASTLOG bigcheese
  displays only those lastlog entries that contain the word "bigcheese".  

Available flags:
  You can further limit the display of the lastlog by specifying
  one of the following flags:
    -PUBLIC         Normal channel messages
    -MSG            Private messages
    -NOTICE         Notices
    -NOTE           Notes
    -WALL           Walls
    -WALLOP         Wallops
    -CRAP           Anything not included in the other categories
    -LITERAL        Make the follow a pattern always, not a number

  The lastlog will only display messages of the type specified
  by the flag.
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